Aside from the following special betting rules, the general betting rules apply. The special rules will take precedence over the common rules, nevertheless.


  1. If the start of a round is delayed, or if play during a round is suspended, all pending wagers will remain valid for 48 hours. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all pending wagers will be cancelled, and the monies refunded.
  2. Where a golfer withdraws before the start of a tournament then all bets on that participant will be declared void.
  3. Bets stand once the player has teed off the first hole.


All outright bets are settled on the player winning the trophy. The result of play-offs is considered.

All bets stand except for those placed on participants not competing in the first round.

Competition champion and placings will be determined by the official rules of the respective governing body.

If there is a change to or decrease in the booked number of rounds or openings played in the competition, wagers set on this market will stand.

If a competition is diminished to less than the planned number of rounds, all bets placed after the last shot of the previous completed round will be void.

Double Change 1X2

Placing a bet on 2 different outcomes.

For Example:

Home team win or tie, Away team win or tie, No tie


Predict the winner of the game.